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Natalie Yang

Hi Ninja and Trouble! We hope these last days of summer are treating you well. Ezra and I wanted to seize the last bit of warm weather to get outside and take a few pictures. We live in a fairly densely populated area, though, and we didn’t have time to take a drive somewhere more private, so we climbed out on the roof on the back of our house (which is shielded from the street, at least), furtively checked to make sure the coast was clear of immediate neighbors, and snapped a few shots. This is our favorite of the batch. And now I have sexy associations with our roof, of all places!
Happy weekend,

Trouble and I have had many sun and sex filled days on our roof top, and I’m glad to see another ninja using her space so well. I like how your heels, pose and panties create a comfy and confident sexy combination. And your wedding band is very nice to see as well. Thanks for creating and sharing this beautiful submission. 

Miso : Home-Made Tattoos : twin flowers for Milly : Melbourne 2014.

good vibes ☀

!NL!TE by Dreamshots on Hold.